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Zhaoxi Zhang

Urban strategist & LEED AP ND

BArch and MSc. in Architecture

Ph.D. in Environmental Science 

Research | Design | solution 

“ I am at the intersection of
built environment, technology
and sustainability. "


Over time, I have been seeking innovative methods to create a healthy and sustainable urban future.


I consider myself an urban strategist who conducts in-depth investigations of sites, explores conceptual frameworks, conducts evidence-based designs, and evaluates performance throughout the entire lifecycle of the design process. 

“I see it as my mission to create healthy open space and landscape for all people."

"I explore how people and cities can benefit from technology-based interactive design."

"I like using soft infrastructure and nature-based solutions to create a sustainable future."


My research interests revolve around the application of new technologies and big data to explore the built environment and its impact on human health. 

City from Below

Urban Health Sensing

Technology-based Research & Evidence-based urban transition Spread inspirations for healthy, sustainable, and smart urban future

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